Donald Meissner

advertising on Facebook/instagram/messenger & Google-made simple

Marketing Director

Combining great imagery and clear writing to create Facebook and  Google Ads that stand out from the maddening crowd.

Product Designer

Purveyor of Custom designs on any product you can imagine: ancient, medieval, and modern artwork.

Executive Director

I manage New Mount Sinai Cemetery, the oldest, largest, meticulously groomed Jewish cemetery in St. Louis, listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Writer (Creative)

Don’t expect technology to replace creativity and verve. At the core of every advertising campaign is thoughtful writing.

Technology Butler

Technology is supposed to make our lives easier, but setup can be complicated. We can help with all your gadgets, including the evolutionary Facebook Portal.

The Right Fit

focus on the message

Before you spend one penny on Facebook or Google Ads, make sure your message is tailored to your precise audience of clients and prospects. In this confusing, over-saturated market, a clear message is crucial.

the heart of the matter

Q: Can an ad campaign create an emotional connection between you and your client or prospect?

A: Yes, but it takes a lot of thought and creativity.

sweat the small stuff?

We do that, so you don’t have to. We employ a time-saving approach to increase the effectiveness of your marketing and everyday communications, to precisely reach your audience.


I work with talented partners from exotic ports of call (like New Jersey) but when it comes to developing your unique message, it needs to be homegrown. In other words, we need to have a conversation, like humans do. Call or email anytime!